Meal Delivery Subscriptions


You’re exhausted and starving. It’s the last leg of a four day trip. You have two minutes to take a quick breather before passengers start boarding. “One more leg!” you think happily to yourself as you daydream about what you will have for dinner when you get home. All of a sudden, it dawns on you…with the exception of a carton of expired milk, a box of leftovers from last week, and a moldy apple, your kitchen is bare. You really don’t feel like going to the grocery store, but you also know that it is probably not the best idea to have Bojangles for dinner again.

Meal kit delivery services are growing in popularity and there are many companies to choose from. How will you know which one to choose? My coworker has tried the three following: Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Sun Basket. She highly recommends Sun Basket because it offer the most variety and biggest portions of the three. Have you ever tried a meal subscription service? If so, would you recommend it?


Escape the Summer Heat: Visit Maine

Has summer left you feeling drained and miserable? Don’t you just wish you could jet away from the heat?

Maine is a popular summer destination for many, and may be difficult to nonrev to, but if you’re up for the challenge, I highly suggest visiting these places when you arrive.

1. The Holy Donut: Grab a potato doughnut from “The Holy Donut”. Made from Maine potatoes, these doughnuts are unlike any doughnut you have ever had before. Make sure you arrive early for a better flavor selection and before they sell out. Tip: I highly recommend the Maine Blueberry one.

holydonut2. Portland Headlight: A trip to Maine is not complete without seeing a lighthouse. Located just a few minutes away from Downtown Portland, The Portland Headlight is considered to be one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. As you gaze out over the breathtaking view of the harbor, be on the lookout for four additional lighthouses: Spring Point Ledge Light, Ram Island Ledge Light, Halfway Rock Light Station, and Cape Elizabeth Light.


3. US Route 1: Take a leisurely scenic drive along the Maine coastline on US Route 1 towards Bar Harbor. Along the way, stop by the LL Bean Outlet in Freeport, browse numerous antique emporiums, roadside stands, and grab lunch at one of the many lobster shacks.


4. Acadia National Park: It’s easy to see why Acadia National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Acadia spans over 47,000 acres of rocky beaches, forests, mountains, and trails and attracts more than two million visitors each year. Catch the sunrise on top of the highest point on the North Atlantic seaboard, Cadillac Mountain. On your way back down the mountain, pick delicious wild blueberries. Please note, that each individual is limited to one dry half gallon of blueberries a day. Tip: Download the Acadia National Park app before you go. In addition to helping you navigate, you can also create customized lists on what to see and do in the park, based upon one’s interests and how much time you have to spend there.


5. Thurston’s Lobster Pound: Located just outside Acadia National Park, and situated right on the water is Thurston’s Lobster Pound. Order some flavorful chowder or a fresh lobster roll while you take in the gorgeous surrounding view. Not a fan of seafood? Not to worry, Thurston’s offers a diversified menu that is sure to satisfy everyone. Don’t forget to try blueberry beer and order a slice of their seasonal blueberry pie!


6. Bar Island Path: During low tide, the sand bar that connects Bar Harbor to Bar Island makes an appearance for a couple of hours. Explore the smooth rocks, shells, and living organisms that are usually hidden away. Tip: Make sure that you keep an eye on the tide and return to Bar Harbor before it rises again!


48 Hours in San Diego: What to See & Do

Whether you’re looking to get away for the weekend or unexpectedly find that your SAN overnight has magically morphed into a 48-hour layover (Ha! Anything is possible, right?), San Diego is a great place to explore. With a rental car, it is also a decently easy city to get around in.

1. The Cabrillo National Monument: Enjoy the spectacular view at The Cabrillo National Monument, located on Point Loma. This national park marks the area that Europeans first set foot on the West Coast in 1542. While you are in the area, check out the Point Loma lighthouse and the tide pools. If you’re visiting during the late winter or early spring months, keep your eyes opened for whales! Please note: The best time to see the tide pools is during low tide in the late fall and winter.cabmon
2. La Jolla Cove: Sunbathe, swim, kayak, snorkel, or scuba dive amongst sea lions and seals in the lovely waters of La Jolla Cove. That is, If you can tolerate the smell long enough. It is quite an interesting site to observe swimmers, kayakers, snorkelers, and divers side-by-side with the local wildlife.

3. Balboa Park: A cultural icon of San Diego, Balboa Park has something to offer everyone. In addition to being home to the famous San Diego Zoo, this ginormous park also houses numerous museums, restaurants, gardens, walking trails, recreational activities, theaters, one of the world’s largest outdoor organs, a miniature railroad, and a carousel. If you get tired of walking the 1,200-acre park, rent a Wheel Fun bike/surrey or an Electriquette, an electric wicker cart.

4. Hotel Del Coronado: Enjoy ice cream from MooTime Creamery, as you stroll throughout the enchanting grounds of the historic and hauntingly beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. Built in1888, this hotel has accommodated numerous celebrities and other well-knowns throughout the years. It was also used as a filming site for “Some Like it Hot” and “The Stunt Man”. Today, Hotel Del Coronado remains a popular attraction for both visitors and residents alike. Check out the unique and cute shops located inside or creations by The Sandcastle Man as you walk along Coronado Beach, the #4 ranked beach by the Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research in the United States.

5. Little Italy: Originally, an Italian fishing neighborhood, this lively area is known for it’s authentic Italian cuisine, festivals, retail shops, and weekly farmer’s market. Over 48 blocks make up Little Italy, with plenty of dining options to chose from.

Realistically speaking, 48 hours is probably not enough time to fully see what each listed attraction has to offer. Hopefully after reading through this list, you will be able to pick and choose what sounds the most appealing to you or spend a little time in each place and know that you’ll be back for another visit in the future.

22 Packing Essentials for Your Next Trip


Rather you’re a frequent flier, flight crew member, occasional traveler, or first-timer, here are 22 packing essentials that are a must for your next trip!



  1. It is essential to have a study wheeled carry-on suitcase.  In the event you have to check your carry-on, a colorful suitcase, like this purple Travelpro rollerboard will be easier to spot at the baggage claim.  If you opt for a black suitcase, tie a brightly colored ribbon to the top for quick and easy identification.





2.  This Samsonite Add-A-Bag Strap (pictured right)makes toting  multiple carry-ons through the airport a breeze.



3. Even if you don’t plan on checking your bag, its important to attach luggage tags, in the event you you lose it, or end up having to check it. I love these personalized luggage tags for easy identification.




4. When I travel as a passenger, I always dress in layers and wear/bring a scarf. Even if its 80 degrees outside, airplanes and airports can still be  chilly. I absolutely adore this oversized blanket scarf from express. Its reversible, so its like getting two scarves for the price of one! 😉



5. I also like this packable travel    Columbia jacket.(right) It’s waterproof and folds into one of the pockets for maximum space saving!



6. Airport food is pricy, overpriced, and you typically do not get what you pay for. Once, I paid $10 for a yogurt and protein bar that I could have purchased at the grocery store for around $2. (And that was with an employee discount, believe it or not) Ever since the $10 yogurt incident, I always make sure I have protein bars on hand.




7. Water bottles also tend to be rather pricy in airports. To avoid paying extra to quench your thirst, pack one of these nifty collapsible water bottles into your carry-on. After you get through security, you can fill it up at a water fountain or if you’re at one of the following airports, you can use their water bottle refill station; SFO,ORD, ATL. (I’m sure other airports have them, but those are the ones I know off the top of my head–if you know of  others, let me know in the comments!)



8. This travel pillow makes catching some ZZZs on the go a little bit easier. It even has a built-in hoodie for extra privacy 🙂




9. Block out the sunlight from your seat mate’s window with this sleeping travel eye mask. 



10. Keep the interior of your suitcase neat and orderly with packing cubes. I use one cube for my gym clothes, one for shoes, night clothes, and another for cute outfits I wear on layovers.




11.  Melatonin is a supplement I take occasionally whenever I hop time zones and struggle with falling asleep.



12. I have recently discovered essential oils and am obsessed. I would love to have this Young Living travel kit ( right) to carry them in.



13. Packable travel laundry bag Keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones with this handy foldable laundry bag. ( left)


14. If you’re a deep sleeper like me and need to wake up for an early flight or business meeting, I suggest investing in a portable alarm clock like the one pictured on the right. I set a few alarms on my phone(that I usually haphazardly snooze through) and then I place this alarm across the room, so I have to physically get out of bed to shut it off. Call me crazy, but I feel like it actually works. I haven’t overslept since. (Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself by saying that)


15. A good toiletry bag with multiple compartments is a must. The one I use is similar to this hanging cosmetic bag pictured on the left.



16. Hate having to use drying hotel toiletry products?It’s easy to bring your own items from home with these security friendly  jet set bottles by Bobbi Brown. They come with adhesive labels so you can tell the difference between shampoo and body wash, as well as a funnel for easy refilling



17. No matter how much time I have, I always tend to run late, and find myself throwing stuff in my bag at the last minute. This Lay-N-Go cosmetic bag allows you to scoop up all your makeup products at once. It double functions as both a cosmetic bag and with the pull of a string, provides a flat surface to spread out your items while getting ready. When you’re ready to pack up, just pull the string again, and voila! You’re ready to go.


18.  This is one of my favorite items on the list. I would be completely lost without my Longchamp Le Pliage. I received it as a Christmas gift lat year, and I don’t know what I did before. Have you ever went on a trip, did some shopping, and then struggled with making your new purchases fit in your overpacked suitcase? Then you need this. This bag conveniently folds into a square for easy packing.  It is seriously the most functional bag. The Le Pliage comes in multiple colors and is made out of a water repellant material that actually quite heavy duty. I would be completely lost without mine.



19. Passport Wallet: Having a wallet with a passport holder comes in handy for keeping all of your important items together.



20. You can never have enough hand sanitizer when you travel.



21.This might be the weirdest item on the list. I know you’re probably wondering why you would possibly need an extension cord. Have you ever desperately needed to charge your phone, and every outlet in your gate/surrounding area was occupied? Theres your answer. I have also found that an extension cord also comes in handy in hotel rooms when the outlets aren’t conveniently located or you need to charge multiple items at once




22. In the event you just don’t have time to charge your phone, this portable phone charger will be your lifesaver.





Do you travel with any of these items already? Are there any packing essentials that need to be added to this list? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



All-time Favorite Beauty Products



I’m in love with the covergirl products pictured above that I received complimentary from influenster for testing purposes but haven’t decided if they make “the list” yet. Scroll down for a list of products that do!


I am a beauty collector. Actually, calling my vast assortment of beauty products, a collection is a bit of an understatement.  A better term for this odd fetish of mine would actually be obsession. Yes, I have a beauty product obsession. Primarily hair care, but makeup and skin care as well. Any beauty product, you name it, I either have it in my bathroom cabinet, or I have tried it at one point or another.

I first started hoarding beauty products , around the age of 14. We lived about a mile away from a drugstore, that I would walk to and spend hours looking at numerous products, before forking over my babysitting money, in exchange for bottles and tubes that promised voluminous hair, baby smooth skin, and kissable lips. I don’t even want to think about how much money I have spent on beauty products since then.

What makes me buy so many different products?  As much as I hate to admit it…I’m an easy target market. Just put it in an eye-catching bottle, label it “Irresistibly silky, or “satin smooth” and I am sold.  Theres a lot of eye-catching containers out there.  Thank goodness for the internet, and reviews, just a google search away. Although, you can’t necessarily always count on reviews. What works great for one person, might have a completely different outcome on another. I’ve always heard its best to use the same skin products, but to mix your hair products up. Unfortunately, both my skin, as well as my hair change a lot, and have always been that way. Products & tools that  work wonders one day, all of a sudden, will cease their magic the next.  I have no idea what causes this horrible crisis to occur. Diet, stress, hormones?  I don’t think that my chaotic life as a reserve flight attendant really helps either. As a result, I constantly have my eyes peeled for potential beauty miracle workers. Occasionally, I find great products that continue to work, and these are the products I know I can count on. Keep scrolling down to see  a few of my favorite products, and the reasons why. 🙂

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Baptiste dry shampoo! This product is great if you are in a hurry, and don’t have time to wash your hair. (Washing your hair on overnights and having to rely on hotel blowdryers are the worst!) Theres actually a lot of dry shampoos out now, let me know if you have ever tried one of the others.
Osis Flatliner: this stuff is incredible. It makes my dry hair feel like silk and my straightener glide through my hair smoothly. The first time I ever brought this, I actually found it on a clearance rack for $4 at TJ MAXX…who knew I would love it so much! Now, I usually buy it from Amazon and the price changes a lot, but I usually end up spending around $10 using Amazon Prime.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream:  When I first became a flight attendant, my skin went crazy. It was dry, it was oily, and everything in between! On top of all that, I started noticing fine lines and wrinkles. (lack of sleep,cabin air, poor diet, and stress can really wreck havoc on your skin) I read about this product in an issue of Instyle, and I decided to use it because the article claimed Eva Longoria used it. (Told you, I’m easy to market to) Much to my surprise, I actually liked it. It moisturizes my skin without making it oily, and I noticed a difference in my skin texture.

Kiehls Creamy Under Eye Treatment with Avocado: This is actually my most recent discovery. In the past year, i really started noticing a change in the skin under my eyes. Sometimes I had dark circles, sometimes puffy eyes, but the biggest issue was uneven texture. It was like i had crepe paper underneath my eyes. I looked tired constantly. I tried numerous eye creams, but couldn’t find one to make a difference. Another flight attendant recommended this to me, and it seems to be helping so far. Its a little on the pricy side, but Kiehls is great about giving samples before you purchase. I am interested in trying their face washes and moisturizers. I actually have some samples I haven’t tested yet, because I’m saving them for a day when I fly 10-12 hours so I can see how my skin truly reacts. Have any of you every tried any of their other products? If so, what did you think?

One ‘N Only Argan Oil Treatment: I use this product on my wet hair, right before drying. I have a head full of thick, tangly hair with wavy texture, and this makes it easier to comb and style. It also helps to mend split ends and frizz.  i like how it comes in different sizes too. I keep a small bottle of it in my suitcase, and big bottles in NC, as well as Oklahoma.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs: I have always had abnormally big pores on my legs. Its frustrating. Even if my legs are completely hairless and smooth, the pores make them look like the opposite is true.  I first discovered this product ten years ago, when I was in 10th grade. They only had 2 or 3 shades then, and I must have selected the wrong shade, because my legs would constantly be a shade or 2 darker than the rest of my body, but hey you couldn’t see my pores!  Apparently I thought uneven tan/makeup lines were better than showing my pores, or wearing jeans.  Fortunately, they have expanded their shade selections in the last decade, and  now offer five choices, ranging from fairest shade to deep glow.

Nivea In Shower body lotion: Too lazy or not enough time to put lotion on and wait for it to absorb into your skin? Then this is the lotion for you. After you rinse off your body wash, you literally apply the lotion to your skin while you’re still in the shower, then rinse it off. Its amazing. Jergens actually makes a similar product, that you don’t rinse off, Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. I’ve tried the Monoli Oil one, and wasn’t too fond of the scent, so I personally prefer the Nivea one.

OPI nail polish: Teenage Dream, I know, it’s not compliant with most cabin crew appearance standards, but I still love it! 2 Reasons: looks great alone (2 coats) or as a topcoat. I usually use it as a topcoat on top of a gray polish. (Only when I’m not working, of course.)If you are on a strict budget, you can use the DUPE of it: Strobe light Sally Hansen Xtremeware. You can find it at Target for $2-3.

if you are a rule follower, and only wear compliant nail polishes at all times, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a great polish line. It lasts A LOT longer than normal polishes.  I like it in the birthday suit shade.

Do any of you have any go-to products that you swear by? If so, what are they?

More Cyber Monday…

Express: 50% off entire site, including sale items! +free shipping

I love this blanket scarf!
$24.95 (PS its reversible)



Textured Scuba Side Panel Legging $29.95


They also have tons of cute jewelry! These bracelets are $6.45 each



I also found lots of good beauty product deals! Nars is having a 20% off sale, site wide.   I purchased their iconic blush in orgasm.



Bare minerals also has some great deals going on with their flash sale. I saw eyeshadow sets as cheap as $8!



It’s Cyber Monday!!!!

Happy Cyber Monday! I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday. I love shopping for bargains, and shopping online makes it so much easier! I deal with enough people as is at the airport and the aircraft, so its nice to avoid the crowds(unless you count the delay in loading due to “high traffic”),plus you can shop from the comfort of your own home or hotel, if you’re a fellow flight crew member 😉
Heres some of the best Cyber Monday deals I have found so far. I’ll be posting throughout the day, so keep checking back!

  1. Tommy Hilfiger: 50 percent off with code: CYBERSALE
    This code can be used on items that are already on sale, as long as they aren’t “final sale”(ending in .97)

    Tommy H

    This sweater is originally $69.50, but its on sale for $44.98.  With the code CYBERSALE get an additional 50% off  Final cost: $22.49!!!



  2. Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy: 40 percent off with code BESTCYBER ..and theres no you can use it on sale items! Shipping is free if you spend $50 or more.
gap white top

this cute top(Banana Republic) is on sale for $24.99(original price $79.50) after promo code BESTCYBER, get it for $14.97

skinny jeans

Score these Banana Republic black skinny jeans for $53.70! with code BESTCYBER

3. Victoria’s Secret:   Extra secret rewards card  with every $10 or more purchase with code SECRETBONUS Each reward card is worth at least $10 and could be worth up to $500!! I won $50 last year. So with each $10+ purchase, you will get two secret reward cards!

They have a lot of beauty products priced for under under $10.  I love the products with the Cotton moisture Complex,  My hands get really dry due to constantly washing them and the dry cabin air and this line of lotions and scrubs really  help to soften my skin.

If you just want to make a small purchase, id recommend getting a couple of these products…total would be around $10-15, plus shipping.

If you want to score free shipping and don’t mind spending at least $50..use code SHIP50FREE

free holiday tote with $65 or more purchase code: CYBER65
Bras, buy one, get one 50% off with code DOUBLEUP

I got 1 T-Back Cotton Bralette and 1 Cotton Bra Top (2/$40)
then i used the code DOUBLEUP and got one of them 50% off
then i also got The Daily Legging for $19.50
and Acai Ultimate hand cream (on sale for $5)
then i got free shipping with SHIP50FREE AND 2 secret rewards card (worth at least $10 each) SECRETBONUS
Final Cost: $59.26 (if you count the two reward cards worth at least $10, its $39.26!!!)

4. Target: CYBER15 (extra 15% off every order)

As I mentioned earlier, is experiencing high traffic, and it might take a few minutes to load, but it refreshes automatically when its ready. While you wait, open another tab and check out one of the other websites with Cyber Monday deals.

target red shoe
these cute red flats are on sale for $17.50 , with the code cyber15, you can get them for a little less than $15! they also come in leopard, gray, black, and navy.
Scroll back to the top and comment on good deals & sales you have found! Happy Shopping!!!!!

Travel Germs, gross.

Germs kinda come along with the flight attendant territory. They  are everywhere. The employee bus, the airport, the airplane, passengers that cough and sneeze in my face as they board the aircraft, or when I ask them what they want to drink, the lavatory, the bottom of my suitcase! (it grosses me out to think of how many germs are on it as a result of rolling it through pretty much every major airport in the US, as well as a few international airports.)Even when I’m not working and just commuting home, I still come into contact with tons of germs. Ekkkk, it creeps me out just to write about it.

When I was a brand new hire, I remember walking through the aircraft cabin to pick up garbage, without wearing gloves. I figured , i would just  wash my hands as soon as I got done, and it wouldn’t be a big deal. (Don’t judge me please…I underestimated the amount of dirty diapers and snotty tissues that passengers would try to hand me) I quickly learned that the lavatory would more than likely be occupied and I probably wouldn’t get  a chance to wash my hands until after I got a random itch on my nose or a hair that needed to be brushed out of my face.

I remember distinctly the first time I got sick from work. I was working a flight to MSY airport in New Orleans, and I was on the drink cart. I am typically a very touchy feely person, and use my hands to communicate. I asked a passenger what she would like to drink, and she mumbled something back in the quietest voice that you can possibly imagine. Of course I had no idea what she had said.  I knelt down as i touched her on the shoulder, and asked her to repeat herself, and this is what happened;

Passenger:”I don’t know, I don’t feel well”

Me: “um, whats wrong?” (feeling kinda panicked as i realized her germs were going all over my face)

Passenger: ” I don’t know, my ears and throat hurt and my nose is stopped up, what kind of drink would help that?”

Me: (racking my brain trying to think of drinks that help sinus infections) “ummm orange juice?”

Passenger: “mumble mumble”

me: so orange juice?

Passenger: (motions for me to come closer) it hurts to talk, no orange juice, what else do u have?

me: (feeling very grossed out and just wanting to get away) um water?

Passenger: (motions me closer again) no water, something sweet

Me: ginger ale???? (please let this be the winner)

Passenger: okay


I immediately ran to the lavatory, and scrubbed my hands, even attempted to scrub my face, but it was too late. A few days later, I had the worst sinus infection I could ever remember having.

Since then, I have learned to try to lip read, if they talk quiet or just ask them to keep repeating themselves, or even write it down. I try to keep my a relatively healthy distance from passengers, even if they don’t appear to be ill. It’s better safe than sorry!

In addition to keeping my distance, washing my hands frequently, and wearing gloves during garbage pickups, I  depend on the following items to help keep germs away.


  1. Hand Sanitizer : These Pocketbacs are great for when the lavatory is occupied and I can’t immediately wash my hands when I need to.
    hand sanitizers

    Check out these fun holiday themed PocketBacs from Bath and Bodyworks. 5 for $6


  2.  Vitamin C: I like Emergen-C because they’re easy to pack, its a powder in individual envelopes that you mix with a beverage. It also comes in a variety of flavors like strawberry-kiwi, orange, pink lemonade, acai berry, and more. I like pink lemonade.You can get these at Walmart, Target, or pretty much any drug store.  Target has a special promotion going on now, if you buy two select Emergen-C products, you can a $5 target gift card.

    Emergen-C 30 packets for $9.99, at target. Plus a free $5 target gift card with purchase of two or more


  3.  Lysol to go spray: This spray is awesome! Not only does it disinfect, but it comes in a mini size that is great for traveling.  I use it on doorknobs, bathroom faucet, and the remote control in the hotel rooms I stay in. You can buy it on Amazon, but I have also seen it at Walmart and Target.



Obviously, theres not a  100 percent fool proof method for staying away from germs while traveling. (The inspiration for this post actually came from a little bug that my immune system is currently fighting off, i’m pretty sure I caught it the day my PocketBac ran out)  If you do find yourself feeling under the weather, its important to  relax, get plenty of sleep, and stay hydrated. As a courtesy to other travelers, try to refrain from traveling until you feel better or at the very least, cover your mouth when you cough and try not to spread those nasty germs!